Month 2

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am well into my second month of my Co-op. I feel like this experience so far has felt like a combination of an adventure, self-reflection, and a joke haha.. I only added a joke because the actual job entails a minimum amount of work. The only plus side is that the free time I have allows me to study turkish, browse on my computer, and to actually read for leisure. A major plus about this internship though is that my public speaking is improving. I really feel like my experience in India with the peacegames curriculum prepped me for this. I was such a mess at the beginning of my India dialogue because of all the little fears and emotional wounds that I let be exposed.

One thing I really learned while being out here is about emotional wounds. I truly feel that we all human beings have our own weaknesses; some of us show it more than others. But, I truly feel that we all have our own paths and things that we need to work on. Our dreams. We are the creators and directors of our dreams, and we all need to learn to take full advantage of making our lives the best that we can. Everyone else in our lives are just supporting actors with that said. We can choose how we want to live our lives and how we want to go about it. The results that you get based off of your education, job, friends, relationships, etc. show how you are living your life, and how your choices, assumptions, gossip, and your word affect you. But these very same entities can also make choices, assumptions, gossip, and their words that show their dreams and visions. Speaking of the choices, assumptions, words, and gossip you can see the things that people need to work on or the wounds that affects their lives. We all have emotional wounds and when we suffer from them we cannot blame others because they are only exposing your own wounds that you already have. They don't create them, you create them. With that said, I know I have my things to work on with all four of the examples I made. We all do to an extent, because we grew up in this world with a certain environment that had an impact on these qualities.

So what am I really trying to say? Well I am just reflecting on my past choices, and through that I picked out the ones that seem the most common that almost every person needs to work on. I think some people have some aspects of one more than the other. Maybe some people make too many assumptions to the point where they read too deeply into something. Or maybe some people need to use their word more wisely, because others may resent what they have to say. Or maybe some people should be careful of how they gossip (or try to avoid it completely), because it will only show your insecurities and cause others to judge you based off of that. And the choices you make will only continue that hell that you put yourself into, or the heaven that you are living.

Through my own lessons and experiences I am happy to say that I am growing and learning, and that I can say that I am working to heal my wounds, and to live the life of heaven.


New music

Monday, February 8, 2010

So, I recently came across this group. Not sure if they are new or not, but i am really into this group Flomaticc. It has a nice original sound, and I really love the lyrics. The songs name is "Let it go".

A place I HAVE to visit

Friday, January 22, 2010

I know I really want to go to Istanbul, but I want to see the entire country of Turkey since I will be living here for so long. Check out the picture posted. It is one of the Turkish hot springs and it looks BEAUTIFUL!! It's in southwestern Turkey in a place named Pamukkale, which is near the Mediterranean Sea. This particular area has far better weather than Ankara does, which adds to more reasons why I need to visit!

A few thoughts

So, I am finally into the routine aspect of my Turkey experience. My Co-op job is decent, and I think the others in my group would agree. We all teach about 3 classes a week, and have plenty of time to do what we need to do on our computers (since we don't have internet at home). We also have to do recordings every week, which includes lots of laughter. The students seem to be used to having Americans around, they are friendly for the most part, and seem eager to talk to us. I think I am also the first person of color to come on this trip. A lot of the student love to say how I look like Will Smith, and they assume I love basketball and r&b music. I don't get upset or anything because they all mean well... in fact i think it is funny actually. Turkey is mostly a homogeneous nation, although some look like they come from western Europe.

I have already met some cool people outside of work, and have already gone out to a bunch of places. This excites me that I am only in my second week and have already built a small network. I really cannot wait to go to the phenomenal Istanbul! It's one of the best cities of the world, and I need to make my way there ASAP! Haha..

Well, during my time here so far I feel like I have a lot of time to just reflect on life and to acknowledge where I am at.I know it's only been a few weeks, but I feel like I've been here for a while already. I can say last year that I have truly grown, and have had the chance to really recognize my weaknesses. I feel like this will be the year to really work on a few and to just enjoy life as much as I can. I know it is easier to say it rather than to actually do it, but I know I will always continue to grow and actually live out the majority of my goals.

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready) w/ Drake

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am really loving this song. I originally felt that this album wasn't that great compared to some of Alicia Key's others. But, this one song is just so good to me. I truly feel as if I feel the music in this song. This is the Alicia Keys that I like. At one point I feared that her sound would change in a bad way when I first listened to "Put it in a Love Song" which features Beyonce. It just seemed more like a Beyonce song in general. Well anyway, I just really like this song, and I hope it will be Alicia's next single off her Album, Element of Freedom. Some other great tracks off her CD is Love is Blind, and Doesn't mean Anything (which a lot of people most likely already heard). I know that her material is written by writers and not herself sometimes, but I feel like the music industry needs more quality music from artists like her.

I am a Alicia Keys fan for the most part, I saw her in concert twice, and I always enjoy her live showings tremendously. Go see her live if you can.

My arrival in Turkey!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So for those of you who don't know, I will be in the country of Turkey for the first half of the year. I'm going to be living in Ankara, the country's capital. It was a big decision for me because I originally thought it would be best for me to have a Co-op in the United States. However, I eventually took advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Not too long ago, I was on a trip in India. That was such an amazing place that I would like to go back to one day.

Now fast-forward to Tuesday Night.

My mother took me to the airport around 5:30. We were already running late for my 7:45 flight, but we both thought I would get to the airport in no time. Wrong! Traffic sucked and was holding us up! When that happened I got very nervous about what would be next, and began to get nervous I would miss my flight. Eventually, we got to the airport just in time, but the problem was now with the check in desk. I had too many pieces of luggage and had to decide what to take and what to leave with my mother. It was all too much for me to handle after hearing that I had only five minutes to check in my luggage. When I finally got on the plane I sat next to an Indian woman from Mumbai aka Bombay. We chatted about India, which reminded me about all the wonderful things that I got to do there. The flights themselves went pretty smoothly.

So, when I finally arrived in Turkey, I had to take a Taxi to TOBB University (which is where I will be working at). That when oh so smoothly. Not! None of the security guards knew English, which made it very difficult to explain who I wanted to see. Eventually, that worked out and a sigh of relief occurred when I saw Warren. I knew I was in the right building from here, and now knew where work was. Nice. I met with our Boss, who was a very friendly guy. Actually, all the Turkish people I've met so far turned out to be very nice and approachable, like in India. If not, then more friendly. After that I met with the girls, who helped me carry my heavy ass luggage to our apartments.

Upon arrival at the apartment, there happened to be no electricity in my apartment where the guys live. Nice, I always wanted to take my energy practices to the next level. So I just dropped my stuff down, and went upstairs to the girl’s apartment. It was nice to hear about everyone's little adventure about their trips here, especially since everyone had a great tale of their own. Hearing these stories alone immediately tells me there will be way more to come!

So finally, I went to take a shower in the girls’ apartment, since I didn't feel ready to shower in the dark. Oh wait, the shower doesn't work in my apartment :D... It really didn't bother me that the shower isn't working, but I feel bad if all of the guys will have to shower in the girls’ apartment for a while...

So after the nice and warm shower, I felt ready to go to bed finally. But here comes the fun part, I was stuck in the bathroom! haha, yes. I couldn't get the door open and I pulled the lock out of the door in an attempt to try to key my way out. After much struggle I broke free of the bathroom and headed straight down to my room. The gentleman who lived in my room before me left dirty laundry and trash in my room. It looks like I have a mission to clean this place up!

So anyway, I am here in Turkey finally, and I am very excited to be here! I am the last Co-op student to arrive; Co-op's Annie, Mackenzie, Julia, Warren, Will, and Zach were already here before me. It still doesn't feel like I will be here until the end of June, but it will all seek in soon. Let the adventures come!
Sorry for any bad grammar..

new things..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I think it is time for a new background.. Do any of you know of good sites to find new templates for blogs? I also need new music... My Ipod needs a transition period of weeding out old, shitty, or boring music for more organic, quality, feel good music. Someone tell me a good place to get free music from please!!